The Riverwood Project is a truly innovative programme started in 2000 by Greenwich Mencap to enhance the lives of Adults with Learning Disabilities (AWLD) through therapeutic work.

We provide productive and meaningful daytime engagement for Adults with Learning Disabilities at our workshop in Woolwich, London. Using recycled wood, our members create hand-made furniture and craft items which are sold to the public to help fund the project. 

By teaching skills and promoting teamwork within a positive environment, we aim to help our members develop social skills, experience independence and feel a sense of value and purpose. 

Team Members

Our staff and volunteers work with adults who face a range of challenges. We work with each member individually to identify how best they can benefit from the project. For many, Riverwood is a rare opportunity to participate in the world of work, while obtaining both physical and emotional benefits from the experiences we offer.

As well as woodwork, we provide a range of arts & crafts and social activities which build confidence and social skills. 


The majority of Riverwood's income comes from local authorities who purchase individual places and the balance from grants and the sale of products.

Anyone interested in applying for a place on our programme can find more information on this page. 

The Environment

Although we exist to enhance the lives of adults with Learning Disabilities, we're also committed to helping the environment by lowering our carbon footprint, using recycled materials in our products and striving for ethically and ecologically sound practices. 

It was difficult to find somewhere that would understand my son's complex needs and help him to feel he could fit in. Then I found Riverwood. The staff there have helped him grow in so many ways, he has made great friends and learnt so much.
Karen McCarthy