Small Bug Hotel

A nesting and hibernation box for useful insects, this small bug hotel is designed to be mounted on a wall, fence or tree trunk.

Fun and unique, it’s a great gift for kids, insect fans and budding gardeners. If you want to cater for the entire bug community, our big bug hotel might do the trick.

Bugs not included!

This product comes ready constructed but will not be finished with any varnish or stain, as many of our customers choose to treat their items themselves. If you would like us to apply a weatherproof varnish and/or specific colour of stained finish, we are happy to do so and will only charge you the cost of the finishing materials. Please mention this when completing your enquiry form.



This insect shelter provides a secluded area for a wide range of garden insects and bees. Add one to your garden and do your bit for your local ecosystem!